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Liquid Conductivity Meter model L40

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Wolfson Electrostatics is continually developing and improving its range of commercially available specialist instrumentation in the field of electrostatics.

Resulting directly from our wide experience in industrial electrostatic hazard assessment and site safety audits we are offering a range of test equipment to enable site engineers to easily and accurately monitor key electrostatic parameters. All of our instrumentation comes with a full guide to interpreting the readings obtained, cross referencing Standards where applicable.

Electrical conductivity is an important parameter particularly when assessing the electrostatic hazard associated with handling flammable solvents and fuels. The model L40 Liquid Conductivity Meter out-performs many instruments by measuring electrical conductivity to below 1 picoSiemen/metre. This is an essential requirement for determination of ignition hazard. The instrument is easy to use with a direct readout of conductivity on a back-lit digital display and is auto-ranging covering nine decades of measurement from 0.1pS/m to 0.1mS/m. High precision is achieved by an inbuilt microprocessor-controlled auto-zeroing function before every measurement. The metering cell, connected to the body of the instrument by short signal cables, is chemical resistant and requires only 35 ml of liquid. Additional cells are available enabling multiple sample collection.

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L40 instrument in case.

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