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Hazards Test Laboratory

Flammability tests.
Flammability tests.

Wolfson Electrostatics has large and well equipped laboratory facilities enabling a comprehensive range of electrostatic, flammability and other tests to be performed under controlled conditions. Materials that can be tested include; flammable dusts, powders, liquids, gases, pyrotechnics, components and products. The facilities include a controlled-environment laboratory and a large outdoor test site. Tests are performed to relevant International Standards as appropriate.

Flammability / Fire & Explosion

Standard flammability tests on dusts, powders, vapours and gases are routinely handled in the Wolfson Electrostatics laboratories. Tests include minimum ignition energy, temperature and explosive concentration (MIE, MIT, MEC etc.).

All work undertaken by Wolfson Electrostatics is confidential. The issued test reports contain important information on interpretation of results and if appropriate, what action should be taken to avoid hazards.

High voltage breakdown testing.
High voltage
breakdown testing.

Wolfson Electrostatics applies a highly competitive pricing to standard ignition and flammability tests with significant discounts for multiple samples. Please contact us for a competitive quote.

Electrostatics / High Voltage

Investigating electrostatic damage.
Investigating electrostatic

The tests in this category range from electrical measurements such as resistivity, charge decay and breakdown to industrial-scale trials and product safety certification. The ATEX Directive and other Standards require equipment and materials used in sensitive flammable atmospheres to be static-safe. Typical materials tested by Wolfson Electrostatics range from solvent and powder samples to full size industrial fixtures such as pipe sections, building materials, FIBC’s and large containers.

Tests also cover antistatic materials used for handling, packaging and storage of static-sensitive electronic devices. Specialist instrumentation including an ESD current-measurement probe has been developed enabling such materials to be quickly classified in terms of their capability to generate hazardous discharges.

Electrostatic measurements.
Electrostatic measurements.

The test facilities include a controlled-environment laboratory in which various tests can be performed under a wide range of selected and closely monitored conditions. Most Standards require electrostatic tests to be performed at very low humidity in order to simulate worst-case conditions for electrostatic charge generation.

Electrical Safety

Wolfson Electrostatics regularly performs electrical safety tests and investigations on behalf of the UK Trading Standards Authority. Electrical safety investigations include: Conformance of electrical equipment and appliances to relevant Standards, suitability of equipment for use in flammable atmospheres and ‘Expert Witness’ investigations into sources of fire or explosion.

For information on the range of tests available contact Wolfson Electrostatics.

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