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Welcome to Wolfson Electrostatics

Wolfson Electrostatics was established in 1971 at the University of Southampton and specialises in the control of electrical and electrostatic hazards in industry. It is recognised as one of the leading centres of expertise in its field in the world. Work is undertaken for industrial clients in over 30 countries and encompasses short-term consultancy, incident investigation, expert witness and full safety audits. Wolfson Electrostatics provides a highly professional service using experienced chartered engineers with many years industrial experience. In all cases, full confidentiality is maintained throughout.

Wolfson Electrostatics also offers consultancy and R&D services in electrostatic applications including; antistatic materials & treatments, atomisation & spraying, electrical & electrostatic measurement, plastics identification and precipitation.

Wolfson Electrostatics has offices and laboratories in the Engineering faculty at the University of Southampton and currently provides technical advice to the following industries: Aerospace, automotive, chemicals, construction, electronics, food production, fuel handling, military, mining, packaging, paint, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, printing & coating, textiles.

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